Thursday, January 22, 2009


Update: To our PETA friends: Show us the boobs, and we release the pigeons.

I guess I take too much for granted. I thought the photo from the photo gallery of the obligatory naked protest when the circus comes to town, and the Dunkin Donuts commentary was comic genius.

Alas, I think such humor must be totally lost on the female members of our species. My evidence:

I sent an email to one unnamed female who works in the vicinity of the new DD location, with the attached photo of the half-naked chick, and simply asked if she heard when the new Dunkin Donuts would be opening. Now, this unnamed female would be fully within her rights to be a little upset that I was sending around photos of half-naked chicks. Her response?

"I think it opens in March or April."

Not even an acknowledgment that a picture of a topless chick with an exposed thong was in her inbox. Makes me curious as to what else is in her inbox...)

I passed along the link to Ms. Mora, as well, so she could add it to her website's press-clippings. She responded: "don't get what our PETA protest has to do with Dunkin Donuts."

But she did invite me to be one of her myspace friends. We're buds now.

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