Saturday, December 08, 2007

In the Spirit

There was a time when, during the Christmas season, I didn't fully get in the spirit until I heard 'Feed the World' on the radio. I distinctly remember a Christmas Eve a few years ago that I literally said to myself: "It's Christmas, and I have yet to hear Bono croon Well, tonight, thank God it's them, instead of you."

That was before 24 hour radio stations playing Christmas music 25 hours a day. Before the ipod. Before xm radio. Now, there is not a time during the day that I can't hit a button and get a fix of the sounds of the season. I actually did synch up some of my favorite tunes on the ipod yesterday. They are the ones I never hear on the radio, so I wanted to make sure they were accessible when needed:

Fairytale of New York by the Pogues
Merry Christmas from the Family by Robert Earl Keen
Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight) by the Ramones
You're All I Want for Christmas by Jump, Little Children

Maybe a few others just for good measure. Heck, I think I'll even need to download 'Feed the World' again if I want to hear it this year.

But, yes, I am in the spirit. Why? Because for the second year in a row, getting elfed is what provides untold internet minutes of Christmassy entertainment.

I highly suggest you go get elfed yourself.

That bit of elfen magic shows that even a couple of two-bit dictators and a dead "revolutionary" can provide that certain holiday spark needed at this time of year for some. If making fun of those lefty heroes offends you...

Merry Christmas!!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

You're Being Mapped

On the road again for a soccer tournament this weekend, and pulled into the hotel parking lot and saw an interesting vehicle. No, not interesting in that it was a real, live hydro-carbon fueled SUV. Cool because of the thing-a-ma-jigs all over it's roof.

That's a pretty dark picture. Maybe if they haven't headed out before me in the morning, I'll grab a better one. But, you've no doubt seen the street view option in Google Maps. Looks like Microsoft is getting into the game with Windows Live Local. Check it out here.