Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So, many moons ago I was playing some mid-afternoon poker and as is so often the case in the high-stakes world of $.25/.50 NL, some smack-talk was going down in the chat-box. On this day, it was because of the name of one of the players: GabeKapler. The screenname bore a striking resemblance to a major league baseball player by the name of... Gabe Kapler. The smack-talker kept after Kapler, quizzing him on how he could be online playing poker at this time of day - a gameday, no less. Kapler politely answered the guy's questions - and kept playing his game. Finally, Mr. Googler was satisfied that it was, indeed, Mr. Kapler - Boston Red Sox outfielder.

Which brings me to this morning's G-Vegas News, and the headline at the top of the sports page: Kapler Hired as Drive Manager. For the uninitiated, the Drive is our local minor league, single A baseball team, afiliated with the Boston Red Sox. The team is housed in a classy, mini-replica of Fenway Park. Complete with mini-Green Monster.

Welcome Back, Kapler