Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So, I was reminded this weekend that my contributions to this here blog have been few and far between. I knew that joining the community was a tall order. But, as they say, the G-Vegas blogging waters were warm. No, the creative juices have not been flowing but I have been off the scene when it comes to the local, non-raked home games for a few weeks. I do not plan to keep up that record of lack of participation, though.

Saturday's home game (see below) did break the dry spell, and a good time was had by all at the long-vacant 505.

So, my offering for the day will have to be this:
Cherokees, NC Guv discuss allowing live poker tables

Hey... it's closer than Tunica!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

While sitting for the weekly lunch at H with BadBlood, I lamented that my consistently poor results at Full Tilt Poker were uncanny. I've only played on the site occasionally, but figured I would keep some of the bankroll on deposit since it seems like all of the cool kids play there. Speaking of cool kids, it was only a week or two ago when I was sitting at a .25/.50 NL table, clicking and folding while catching some TV with the Mrs. (now there's a post for another day...) and I glance over to see a screenname that could only belong to one person. She of most excellent Long Island Iced Tea mixing fame - and my first random brush with one from the blogosphere.

So this past weekend, I figured I'd give FT another shot. The meager br had already taken a slight hit, so I dropped down a level (to .10/.25NLHE) and decided to play to build it back up. And, amazingly, I started seeing some positive results. Thanks, in no small part, to the following hand:

Full Tilt Poker Game #373632235: Table Mesa Peak - $0.10/$0.25 - NLHE
Seat 1: Alon Ipser ($23.10)
Seat 2: pneum ($30.85)
Seat 3: theAxeMan ($18.70)
Seat 4: CIR7782 ($6.15)
Seat 5: shwitty429 ($9.50)
Seat 6: AshleeUJ ($19.20)
Seat 7: nitefly73 ($30.30)
Seat 8: Altendorf ($13.05)
Seat 9: popozilu ($8)
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to theAxeMan [3d 3c]
Altendorf raises to $0.50
pneum calls $0.50
theAxeMan calls $0.50
CIR7782 calls $0.50
shwitty429 folds
AshleeUJ calls $0.25
*** FLOP *** [Td 3h 9d]
AshleeUJ bets $2.60
Altendorf raises to $5.20
pneum calls $5.20

I have to say that the bet and raise was a little suspicious, but I put each of these opponents on catching a piece of the flop, and each of them drawing to an Ace to make two pair. So I...

theAxeMan raises to $18.20, and is all in

AshleeUJ raises to $18.70, and is all in (Sweet)
Altendorf calls $7.35, and is all in (Bonus!)
pneum calls $13.50 (Money!!)
AshleeUJ shows [As Ts]
Altendorf shows [Ah 9h]
pneum shows [Qd Tc]
theAxeMan shows [3d 3c]
*** TURN *** [Td 3h 9d] [7s]
*** RIVER *** [Td 3h 9d 7s] [2d]
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $70.75 Main pot $52.80. Side pot 1 $16.95. Side pot 2 $1. Rake $3
Board: [Td 3h 9d 7s 2d]
Seat 2: pneum showed [Qd Tc] and lost with a pair of Tens
Seat 3: theAxeMan showed [3d 3c] and won ($66.75) with three of a kind, Threes
Seat 6: AshleeUJ (big blind) showed [As Ts] and won ($1) with a pair of Tens
Seat 8: Altendorf showed [Ah 9h] and lost with a pair of Nines


Also, I decided to take a stab at one of their $4+.40 SNG's. I play a fair amount of live tourney's here in G-Vegas, but almost religiously stick to ring games online. After a not-so-great showing at the recently completed Event #1 of the BBSOP, I figured some tournament practice was in order. And whaddayaknow? Took down the 9-person field for a $26 tournament token.

A great confidence builder at the very least.